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Start production of Hydrogenated DCPD Hydrocarbon Resins

Since 2014 CREDREZ have been studying on a new project on Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins which is also known as Hydrogenated DCPD Petroleum Resin in tackifier industry.The good news is that our efforts paid off  in June.2015,we succecessfully launched the Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin into production with monthly output 900 MT on regular basis from Sep.2016.At current stage we can offer Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin with softening point from 100-130 and Gardner Color No. 0-2.0 for customers at home and abrouad. Hydrogenated DCPD hydrocarbon resin is pale yellow or water white thermoplasic resin obtained from polymerization and hydrogenation of cyclic ingredients.The major usages are tackifier for hot melt adhesive (HMA), hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA) and solvent based pressure sensitive adhesive(SBPSA), because of its good heat resistance and good compatibility with base polymers such as ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), styreneblock copolymer( SBC). With polymers with excellent colors, thermal stability, low odor, and water-soluble polymers like EVA, SIS, SBS, and APAO. It is used in hot-melt adhesives (HMA), hot melt adheisves for hygiene products (HMPSA), and other additives.

Please free to contact us if you are looking for High class Hydrogenated DCPD Hydrocarbon Resins or Hydrogenated DCPD Petroleum Resins for Adhesives.