C5 Hydrocarbon Resins
Hydrogenated Resins
Tackifying Resins
C5/C9 Hydrocarbon Resins
DCPD Petroleum Resin
C9 Hydrocarbon Resins
Anhydride Hardener
Chloroacetic Acid
Molecular Sieves
Polyhydric Alcohols
Cyanuric Acid
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Talents are the first resource of the company. The company, with open mind, brings together elites around the world. Regardless of senior management and workers at the front lines of production, marketing, research, and service, they full play their talent and intelligence with their industrious hands. The management personnel, marketing personnel, and common research workers who are constantly establishing the cause of the company are unexceptionally outstanding talents indispensable to the continuous development of the company.

No matter whether it is in the growing and expanding process of the company, or in our grand objectives, what we need most is talents. We firmly believe that the first-class talents are the basis for building a first-class enterprise.The ones who are qualified for their jobs are regarded as talents, and those who are innovative and pioneering are outstanding talents.

Whether in the days of the process of growing and expanding ocean, or our grand goal, we need most is people. We firmly believe: first-class talent is the basis for building first-class enterprise