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For Credrez it is not enough to simply offer individual products. Our aim is to provide complete package services that meet the specific needs of our customers to see you win out over the competition in the marketplace. Therefore the logistics service should not forget.

What is our demand for an outstanding shipping company? Certainly first and foremost: punctuality, reliability, high technical standards, optimal handling of our cargo, comprehensive know-how in the regions served, all-round logistics solutions, modern information systems, first-class service – and not least efficient cost control, the basis for competitive terms.

Over years of excellent co-operation,we have extensive partnerships with preferred shipping companies. Through partnerships, we can get guaranteed shipping space and favorable freight, no doubt, it will help us turn our logistics challenges into a real competitive advantage and help our clients consolidate and strengthen their market position.


Tell us what you need and our team will find an appropriate solution using our rich experience and a wide range of services such as advice, testing, logistics and after-sales support. So whether you need a single product or a fully integrated system, consider Credrez first. We just want to be the one you need to make success.