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Hot Melt Traffic Paint


road marking Paint is a new generation highway marking system, preferred the world over, for its ease of usage and extended life cycle as compared to conventional solvent based paints. Thermoplastic paints are also environmentally, more friendly with no carcinogenic solvents used. HCR-R5100 and HCR-R5101 Hydrocarbon resin are specially designed for thermoplastic road marking paint, with good levelling property and Heat stability, helps to increase adhesion, drying time and abrasion resistance. 

Hydrocarbon Resin are special resins for holt melt road marking paints,which can enhance the tenacity.rigidity and adhesive force of dope and form smooth paint surface.also ensure the stable state of the resin in the four seasons by adding anxiliary agent.and have a better mixing with rosin.In the mixing of top-grade can formsuch features as water-proof.anti-ultraviolet radiation.anti-chemicals.and improve the brightness and dryness of the surface.

C5 Petroleum Resin for Hot Melt Road Marking Paint

High Softening Point C5 Hydrocarbon Resin for Hot Melt Road Marking Paint