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Quality Control Policy of Credrez

Every one of our Hydrocarbon Resins,Petroleum Resins,Monochloroacetic Acid,MTHPA,MHHPA and N-Ethylpyrrolidone from Credrez undergoes a series of strict quality control checks. Raw materials are only purchased from approved suppliers and are covered by certificates of conformity.

We also randomly sample raw material deliveries to ensure that the quality remains of the highest standard when the customer are willing to test the product quality at the different time of every period.

In production every batch of  goods is tested to make sure it meets our stringent Specifications. Once the laboratory has approved a batch it is filtered and packed.
During this process a further sample is taken and tested to make sure that the final product is within specification. A product can only be despatched from our factory after final sample has been approved by our customers.

Besides our own product quality control, we also accept a third-party quality test from customers before shipment at any time. We believe the product quality is the core of the cooperation.

We can do more than we say if we had the pleasure to be of partners with you.