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Monochloroacetic acid

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With irritant smell,Monochloroacetic acid,industrially also known as Chloroacetic Acid,MCA or MCAA, is a colorless or slight yellow crystalline carboxylic acid which is produced by chlorination of Acetic Acid or Hydrolysis of Trichloroethylene using Sulfuric Acid and is highly soluble in water and organic solvents. Monochloroacetic Acid is mainly used in manufacturing a variety of products including carboxymethyl cellulose, CMC, Herbicides, Pharmaceuticals,Dyes,Cosmetics,Plastic Stabilizers,Anesthetics,Tranquilizers and Amphoteric Surfactants as  fine chemical intermediates.

Chemical Name: Monochloroacetic Acid
Chemical Synonyms:
Chloroacetic Acid,Chloroethanoic acid,MCA,MCAA,Mono chloroacetic Acid
Chemical Family:Halo Carboxylic Acid,
 Structural Formula:ClCH2COOH
Molecular Weight: 94.497
EINECS: 201-178-4 
Flash Point : 71.5 

1.58 g/cm³

 Grades Available: Monochloroacetic acid  97.5%,Monochloroacetic acid 98%,Monochloroacetic acid 98.5% and Monochloroacetic acid 99%.
CAS NO.: 79-11-8
UN NO.: 1751 
Hazardous Class: 6.1+8
Industrial Standard: HG/T3271-2000 


Specifications of the Monochloroacetic acid

Items                                   Specifications of Moochloroacetic Acid 
          Superior grade              First grade               Qualified grade
Appearance                  Colorless or slightly yellow crystalline powder or flake 
Chloroacetic Acid content %                99.0 min                98.0 min              97.50 min
Dichloroacetic Acid content %                0.50 max                1.0 max               1.50 max
Acetic Acid content %                0.50 max                0.50 max                  1.0 max 
Crystallization oC                60 min                 60 min                60 min

Package: Monochloroacetic acid is available both in 25 kg or 50 kg Plastic PE film-lined and PP woven bag.
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