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DCPD Petroleum Resin for Rubber and Tire

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Hydrocarbon DCPD Resins with the grades of HCR-D100T and HCR-D238C are also known as DCPD Petroleum Resins
.They are pale yellow thermoplastic resins obtained from mainly polymerizing dicyclopentadiene,unsaturated aliphatic 1,3-pentadiene (1,3-piperlene)  and some monomers derived from the process of thermal cracking of naphtha.
Light color  
Low viscosity
Good bond strength 
Low volatility  
Low molecular weight
High transparency
Distinguished initial adhesion
Excellent compatibility with polymers
Good price advantage
 Items  HCR-D100T  HCR-D238C
 Appearance (eyeballing)  yellowish granule  yellowish granule
 Softening Point (R&B)℃  100-105  108-118
 Color No. (50% Toluene)Ga.  3.0-5.0    5.0-8.0  
 Acid Value(mgKOH/g)  0.50 max  0.50 max
 Ash Content(wt%)  0.10 max  0.10 max
 Melt Viscosity(200℃)mPa.s  250 max  300 max
Bromine Value (gBR/100g) 100 max 185 max

The major usages of the DCPD Hydrocarbon Resins are the binder for rubber and tire compounding, strap, shoes and
Concrete Cure Compounding,etc.

Net 25kgs paper Kraft bag or PP woven-plastic bag. 
DCPD Hydrocarbon resin is non-hazardous product, stored in dry and cool place with fire fighting facilities, far away from fire, sunshine, moisture and pollution.


C5 Petroleum Resin for Rubber and Tyre Compounding

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