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Dark Color C9 Petroleum Resin

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Dark Color C9 petroleum resin,also known as  Dark Color  C9 Hydrocarbon Resin is a petroleum by-product of ethylene made of C9 fraction which is produced by pre-treatment, polymerization and distillation processes. It is not a high polymer but a low polymer molecular weight between 300-3000. It has the characteristics of low acid value, good miscibility, water,ethanol and chemical resistance, the chemical stability against acid, the good adjustment of viscosity and thermal stability. Generally, 9 petroleum resin is not used alone, but as promoters, regulators, modifiers used with other resin.


A. Paints Industry: In paint industry mainly use the high softening point of C9 petroleum resin which can increase the gloss of paint and improve the adhesion, the hardness and the resistance ability of ac id and alkali.

B. Tire and Rubber Industry: in tire and rubber industry, low softening point of C9 petroleum resin is mainly used which has a good miscibility with natural rubber particles, and little affect on rubber vulcanization. Adding in rubber and tires, petroleum resin can increase the adhesion and the reinforcement and can also play as softener.

C. Adhesives Industry:

C9 petroleum resin having good adhesion, added in the process of producing adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives can improve the adhesive bond strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance, and also can reduce production costs effectively.
D. Ink Industry:

In ink industry mainly use the high softening point of C9 petroleum resin which can reach the effect of show color, quick-drying and brightening and improve printing performance, etc.

E. others Petroleum resin having certain characteristic of unsaturated, can be used as paper glue, plastic modifier etc.

Chemical Properties:



Deep color C9 petroleum hydrocarbon resins

Softening point  ( R & B)




Gardner Color No. series (Resin: toluene=1:1)

15 - 18 #

15 - 18 #

15 - 18 #

Acid Value mgKOH/g


Ash Content %




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