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C9 Petroleum Resin HCR-P110F

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DESCRIPTION: C9 Petroleum Resin HCR-P110F is an Alkylated Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resin. Due to its aromatic character and good solubility characteristics, this resin is recommended for use in ink applications to promote quick solvent release, pigment wetting and viscosity control and as an extender in various alkyd based coatings to increase film hardness, chemical resistance, improve gloss and reduce dry time and in adhesives and caulks to improve tack, bond strength, and reduce sag.

Items      Specifications        Typical Properties 
Softening Point(R&B)℃                             98-108                     103
Color No.(50% Toluene),Ga.               14 max                      11
Acid Value(mgKOH/g)                1.0 max                     0.20
Ash Content (%)                0.10 max                0.02

PACKAGING: C9 Petroleum Resin with the grade of HCR-P110F is shipped flaked in 25 KG bags.

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