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C5 Petroleum Resin for Vibrating Road Marking Paint

C5 Hydrocarbon Resin with the grades of HCR-R5110 is a refined C5 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resins with high softening point designed specially as a binder to meet the technical requirements for hot melt road marking paint in Southest Asian Markets.This kind of C5 Hydrocarbon resins offer good dispersion of fillers and pigments and also show excellent flow properties in Hot Melt Vibrating Road Marking Paint Systems.  

Characters of the HCR-R5110 C5 Hydrocarbon Resins

Light color
High Softening Point 
High Viscosity 

Good fluidity
Good heat stability
High drying rate
Even distribution of filler material without settling
High abrasion performance
Other performances criteria such as weather fastness, strong smudge resistance and affinity for pigments are also excellent.

Specifications of the products: 

 Items  HCR-R5110                                 
 Appearance (Eyeballing)  yellowish granule 
 Softening Point (R&B)  100-110
 Color No. (50% Toluene)  5.0 max
 Acid Value mgKOH/mg)   1.50 max
 Ash Content (%)  0.10%
 Melt Viscosity (200℃)mpa.s  300 max

Recommended Fields: 
Hot Melt Vibrating Road Marking Paint ,Protuberant Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

25kg plastic woven bags or Kraft paper bags.

C5 Hydrocarbon Resins are non-hazardous chemical product. It should be stored in dry and cool places. Keep away from fire. Sunshine, moisture and pollution. Avoided prolonged storage due to the potential effect on performance.


Regular C5 Petroleum Resin for Hot Melt Road Marking Paint

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