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C5 Hydrocarbon Resins used for HMA and PSA

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Tackifying Resins with the grade of HCR-A5203 is thermoplastic,low molecular weight,slightly yellow C5 hydrocarbon resin obtained from petroleum-derived monomers.Characterized by low softening point,narrow MWD,low wax cloud point,good compatibility with NR,SIS and other polymers,this grade is mainly used in high class Hot Melt Adhesives and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.


Key Characters:


• Excellent compatibility with SIS and polymeris in wide range

• Good Thermal Stability
• Low MW and MWD

• High heat resistance and water resistance

• Excellent tack and peel properties

• Low volatility and low odor



 Items                                                                        HCR-A5203                       
 Appearance (eyeballing)     yellowish granule
 Softening Point (R&B)    89-96
 Color No. (50% Toluene)Ga.     4.0 max
 Acid Value(mgKOH/g)     1.0 max
 Ash Content(wt%)     0.08 max
 Melt Viscosity(200℃)mPa.s     220 max


It is recommend to be used in the HMPSA,Solvent based on PSA,HMA,Tapes and Sealants,etc.

Net 25kg paper kraft bags or 750KG container bags.

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