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4, 4′-Methylenedianiline (MDA-100) CAS 101-77-9

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Product Introduction:
4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane is abbreviated as MDA-100.It belongs to aromatic diamines. It is light yellow to colorless crystals at room temperature. It has obvious special odor, volatile are toxic, and it is flammable and exposed to light. Or high temperature will oxidize the color to darken, slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in benzyl alcohol, acetone, ethanol and other solvents. The structure contains a benzene ring group, and its products have outstanding mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, insulation, wear resistance, chemical resistance and temperature resistance, and are commonly used as high temperature epoxy curing agents.
Physical properties:

CAS NO.:  101-77-9
UN NO.: 2651
Class 6.1 PG 3
Molecular formula: C13H14N2
Molecular weight: 198.26
Traits (25 ℃): colorless or light yellow solid
Purity (%): ≥99
Amine value (mgKOH/g): 510~530
Active hydrogen equivalent (g/eq): ~52.5
Melting point (°C): ~90
Flash point (°C): 221


High temperature resistance
Radiation resistance
Wear resistance
Chemical resistance
Insulating property
Superior mechanical property
Recommended use ratio:
Epoxy resin 128 (epoxy equivalent 190): 100
Curing agent dosage: 25~30

Net weight 25 kg / bag Paper-plastic composite bag packaging
Recommended applications:
※Used to produce diisocyanate monomer MDI, HMDI, MDI can prepare polyurethane foam with excellent mechanical properties, HMDI can be used to prepare high-grade polyurethane coating with excellent yellowing resistance and excellent performance;
※As a polyurethane elastomer chain extender and epoxy resin curing agent or modified curing agent, its products are outstanding in mechanical properties, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and are widely used in polyurethane foams. Electronic potting, flooring, high temperature bonding and other fields;
※Used to make polyimide high temperature enamelled wire lacquer, electric insulating laminate, polyamide resin, aerospace high temperature resistant coating, heat resistant polymer, etc. The products produced by it have good insulation, high strength and high temperature resistance. . Chemical stability and other characteristics;

※MDA-100 should be stored in a cool dry environment, keep it sealed, avoid sun exposure or thermal oxidant discoloration;
※ MDA-100 is corrosive and suitable for wearing protective clothing, gloves and masks during operation.
※ If you accidentally touch the skin, immediately wipe it off and rinse it with plenty of water. If the condition is serious, you should send it to the doctor in time. When the eyes are in contact, use plenty of water first.Rinse and then immediately take care of the doctor.
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